The silent threat of the supply chain

The supply chain has been a trending topic after the pandemic and everything that has been happening in the last 2 years, but what if we tell you that there’s one more thing threating it? A silent problem that you wouldn’t think is involved. Read here know how climate change is going to change everything we know about the supply chain.

What’s been going on lately with climate change?

First, to understand the connection between this environment problem and the logistics of the organizations around the world, we need to put you in some context for what’s been going on. The temperature of the planet has been increasing in an abrupt way and it can be related to all one simple cause: the increase in the CO2 levels around the world.

High emission levels can be caused by high production process, burn of oil gas and coal and some other reasons. That could be one of the reasons for manufacturing companies to start using kitting in their process.

How is affecting the supply chain?

Well is not climate change directly what’s affecting the supply chain but its effects what is disrupting the logistics around the world. We all know that increasing the world temperature is the key that leads to a whole lot of problems, let’s see how are they changing what companies do to not affect their supply chain. Here are two examples.

Fewer resources around the world.

With the change of seasons and increase of demand, the free resources from the nature are already starting to run out, just look at the state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico and their water scarcity. You will think that this would only affect the consumer but at the end of the day companies also use resources for their operation.

Now it will be a supply chain challenge to get these resources for the organizations. Some will start to look for a supplier development.

Products are tougher and expensive to transport.

With run out of resource like gasoline and some transports being closed due to their impacts on the environment, there is only matter of time when companies start looking for modern and less toxic transportation methods.

The problem it would be that when you start a new method of everything, not only transport, is usually expensive and far away from being perfect. With something with no room for error, like the supply chain, it would be so tough to introduce alternatives in the logistics of the businesses.

The importance of a 3PL to face this threat.

Obviously, as a human point of view, there is a lot of room for actions that need to be taken as a consumer to prevent more chaos that derivates from the environment damage. As a business point of view, now is the time to leave all the logistics responsibilities to a third-party expert, only this way you will still have profits in such an unstable time.

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