Benefits of a Quality Representative or Quality Liaison

Benefits of a Quality Representative or Quality Liaison

The most common solution to prevent any incident once a product is delivered to the client is the use of a Quality Representative in their facilities that makes sure your reputation as a supplier is saved with an action plan to replace those affected components, learn other benefits of a Quality Liaison in Mexico and the way to use it in your manufacturer.


Good customer satisfaction is one of the benefits of a Quality Representative.

Not only in case of an emergency, but as long as you have a relationship with your client, a supplier and manufacturer representation will act as the first face of your company making sure the client satisfactions are achieved.

Thanks to all the inspections and benefits of a quality engineer, the level of your company levels up as a supplier and your clients values you as an important key to their operation.


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The attendance of a quality situation is cheaper.

¡Not all your clients are near you! Due to the permanent presence of the supplier representative in your client facilities, attending a quality emergency in the product that the OEM is receiving will save you costs in the travel expenseses. Another solution to cut costs in your production is to outsource the assembling of your industrial kits with an expert,

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You have an expert with all the PAPP submissions

A great Quality Liaison in Mexico is also an excellent Quality Engineer capable of analyzing all the process and the direct submissions from the client like a PPAP.If you want to evaluate the quality liaison your supplier is selecting for your facilities, then first you will need to know what this process means.

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An opportunity of growth to your brand quality

The name of your company stays clean and the relationship with your clients healthy. This will be only achievable if you hire a good Quality Liaison Service. In A&T we provide the best engineers according to your representation needs.


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