What are the causes that cause rework in products?

5 tips for choosing an optimal Rework Company

Almost all manufacturers encounter scenarios in which their production lines generate components with non-conformities. When this happens, the supply chain could be disrupted and have many consequences for manufacturing industries. To avoid this, rework is a faster solution. 

Besides rework in manufacturing is considered as a quality waste, we cannot deny the necessities of this class of service in many specific cases. In other words, there’s an exit process where having zero rework is not practical. 

So, if you have one of these processes or your company is thinking about nearshoring, it would be good to have a supplier like rework company and quality sorting. Keep reading to know how to choose it! 

What do rework companies do for manufacturing industries?

Rework services in manufacturing industries is a non-conformity management tool that seeks to ensure all the requirements that clients need.  

With rework in manufacturing, a batch of nonconforming products doesn’t have to be sent to scrap; otherwise, rework services can solve in a fast and cheap way the faulty products. 

Besides, when a company arrives in Mexico to develop nearshore outsourcing, it possibly needs the support of rework companies to ensure quality control and a quick fix of possible nonconformities. 

So, how could we choose the ideal rework company? Next we know it! Also, if you are looking for other quality sorting services, check this ally!

How could I choose the optimal rework company?

Looking for rework companies could be a hard task; but don’t worry, we bring you five tips to choose better your supplier of rework services and quality sorting. 

Tip 1: Experience

Research their previous experience on projects similar to yours; surely someone else has already needed the rework. 

Ask questions like: Have they worked on projects similar to yours? When and what were the results obtained? And don’t forget to verify this information by requesting recommendation letters from your clients.

Tip 2: Certifications

If your company is looking for nearshoring in Mexico, it will need certificates quality sorting services. 

A rework company needs to have REPSE and comply with the STPS, IMSS and SAT parameters for work according to the law. Also, a good supplier would have ISO 9001:2015 certification and D-U-N-S NUMBER.

Tip 3: Coverage

It is not enough just to ensure quality control and correct nonconformities; you need someone who can provide the service in an accessible way. The more coverage the provider has, the greater its reach.

Tip 4: Technology 4.0

A supplier that implements technology 4.0 in their quality control operations speaks of someone who provides services that exceed desired expectations.

Technology 4.0 allows tracking of all inspected products in one place, provides specific inspection details, saves time, provides on-the-fly reporting with transparency, and much more.

Tip 5: Impartiality

Objectivity and neutrality are needed to carry out a rework service; in this way, the operations always end up being fair and without conflicts of interest.

In other words, decisions will only be made based on actual facts and measurements, quickly fixing nonconformities

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