When should I request the service of a Rework Company?

When should I request the service of a Rework Company?

Rework companies, which provide rework services, are often seen as a last resort in manufacturing industries. Rework in manufacturing is typically considered Lean waste and is something that should be avoided. However, there are instances where it is more efficient and faster to acquire the services of a rework company. 

So, what is rework?

Rework is typically associated with a problem, but in some cases, it is necessary during the manufacturing process. It can occur at the end of the production process or even during it, and quality sorting is usually the solution that provides rework services. Moreover, rework does not necessarily mean complete disassembly of parts; it can also involve fixing issues with packaging, labeling, cleaning, colors, and many more.

No matter the industry, all companies are bound to make mistakes. Therefore, it is essential to know about rework and consider it as a solution, especially for companies that have established themselves through nearshoring or nearshore outsourcing. .

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In what cases is necessary the supply of a rework company

Mistakes happen, and the worst thing that we can do is ignore them. If manufacturing industries are going through one of these situations, it will be a good idea to get the support of a rework company. 

Rework does not always involve disassembly of parts, and many faults can be resolved, such as packaging, labeling, cleaning, color, and others.

Here are some situations where the supply of a rework company is necessary:

  • There is no time to redo production, and the batch must be delivered
  • Sending parts to scrap would cost a lot
  • The shipment cannot be stopped

By hiring a rework company, the non-conforming parts can be fixed quickly, ensuring that the parts will comply with customer requirements, avoiding fines for breach of contract, and guaranteeing the continuity of the supply chain.

When manufacturing industries face situations where rework is necessary, it is crucial to have a reliable rework company to provide quality sorting services. This is especially true if there is no time to turn over an entire batch, the cost of scrapping parts is too high, or shipment cannot be stopped due to a client’s waiting.

Rework companies can enter a plant to fix non-conformities, ensuring that the parts will comply with customer requirements, avoiding fines for contract breaches, and ensuring a continuous supply chain.

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