Our certification reaches the following services

Operative Personnel per hour, days or weeks

Did you have to reduce your staff because of Covid-19? Did your plant reduce costs?

We have flexible workforce, hiring hours, days or weeks, and paying only what you need.

Ideal for shores in production, warehouse, logistics, quality or cleaning areas among others.

Quotations at ventas@atcorp.mx

Disinfection and Sanitization

Do you want to assure your personnel health?

Avoid the virus spreading. We provide the Disinfection and Sanitization service through thermonebulization.

Also, we have a sanitizing walking tunnel.

Quotations at ventas@atcorp.mx

Quality assurance

Visual inspection and inspection with measuring equipment. If you want to control a good Score with your client or manufacture a Premium service, hire A&T services as a preventive or corrective measure.

  • Sorting 
  • Containment GP12, CS1, CS2
  • Working tryouts
  • Incoming Inspection


A non-complying parts lot does not have to stop your customer’s production. Avoid the pricy production stoppage and delivery delay with the repair services and pieces rework.

Repairing your supplier’s parts inside your facilities or your own parts in your customer’s facilities is the kind of job we do every day.

  • Rework
  • Material Cleansing

We represent your company

Our supplier representation service and in plant liaison speaks for you and your products before OEM’s and TIER 1’s. This scheme allows you to hire by hour, day, week or month.

  • Inspecting Liaison 
  • Supervising Liaison 
  • Technical Liaison 
  • Engineering Liaison

Packaging & Kitting

We can perform efficiently and precisely any packaging size jobs.

  • Packaging
  • Labeling and sequence
  • Personalized Kitting
  • Promotion assembling
  • Inventory 
  • Provision administration


Manufacture and Sub-assembling

We offer the highest work quality through manual assembling, light hand tools, and pneumatic tools.

  • Product assembling
  • Product sub-assembling
  • Product manufacture
  • Packing manufacture