Physical Inventory Survey

Physical Inventory Survey

A physical inventory survey allows you to accurately establish the physical existence of merchandise, raw materials, stored products or goods that your company owns.
Servicios Especializados en Levantamiento de Inventarios Físicos

What is the function of the physical inventory survey?

The purpose of the physical inventory survey is to audit the inventory records of goods and merchandise, accurately representing the value of the main asset and knowing the actual number of stocks.

When to perform the physical inventory survey?

The physical inventory survey should be mandatory at least once a year.

What are the benefits of an inventory management service?

Effective inventory management will help you to:

Which companies use the physical inventory service?

Inventory Management Companies

Administrative Managers, Financial Managers, Accountants, Warehouse and Logistics Managers use A&T SORTING COMPANY’s physical inventory service for the support and confidence of having a third party verify their goods, merchandise, raw materials or stored products.

What does A&T Sorting Company's physical inventory include?

Our expert accountants will help you:

Do you need physical inventory service?

A&T provides support for:

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