Quality Liaison Service

Quality Liaison Service

The Quality Liaison is responsible for resolving costumer quality issues, acting as a liaison between your company and OEMs. Analyzing problems and making recommendations on the root cause and corrective actions.
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How does a Quality Liaison Services can help your Company?

Having the Quality Liaison Services, allows your company to have a person or representative in charge of monitoring and solving different quality issues of your client; avoiding problems in the operation of both parties.

Wich are the benenfits of the Quality Liaison Services?

A Quality Liaison allows you to have a presence at your client´s plant, to responde inmedialty to any problem, giving it a solution. Among its benefits:

How to choose a Quality Liaison Service?

Before choosing the Quality Liaison Service it is important to consider the trajectory and experience, to know how long the company has offered the service and if it has built a good reputation and growth due to the excellence of its service.

How do I know if I need this Quality Liaison Service?

When failures are constantly detected in the quality of the products sent to the costumer, it is necessary to rely on a Quality Liaison services that allows solving problems in the costumers plant.

What should be considered to quote the Quality Liaison Service?

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