Custom Kitting Services with a 3PL for your Industrial Product Kits

Custom Kitting Services with a 3PL for your Industrial Product Kits

Many international companies are turning to see the kitting solutions that a kitting supplier in Mexico can give to their JITS Kitting strategy. Learn here everything you need to know about custom kitting services from a 3PL kitting Outsourcing in Mexico for your industrial product kits.

What is custom kitting?

Recently with this assembling outsourcing solution, international companies from the aviation, educational, furniture and many more industries have been assembling their industrial product kit and getting them ready in warehouse for the shipment to their clients.

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How does kitting solutions work with a 3PL kitting supplier in Mexico?

  1. First you hire an expert in the market, only one that works with the most exclusive brands. We saved you the recruitment time and have selected a good Mexican supplier for your kits here.
  2. Then your 3PL ally can take the responsibility to search for the supplies necessary in each kit to assemble according to your quality expectations.
  3. After you have approved all the components in your kit, this company will use their employees to put together every kit per order of your clients and either send these kits to your client or to your warehouse.

Important notes for JITS Kitting:

  • A kitting supplier in Mexico will be cheaper and faster than doing it with an intercontinental company, plus its centric for their shipment to clients in other countries.
  • Only one kitting outsourcing company in Mexico uses quality process to make sure your kits are being assemble with the right components that your client expects. Get to know more for future kitting in your company here.

We make kitting in Mexico a high-class service!

By giving a quality work in every kit assemble with our efficient workforce, learn more benefits and give a plus to your delivery service here!

We only work with the biggest companies in the industry, you deserve the kitting solution of the top brands in the market? Then get the costumer attention you need fast and easy here.

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