The new vision for supplier quality management

The new vision for supplier quality management

Learn here what is Supplier Quality Management with new strategies to clear its importance and benefits in your company so you can become a valuable asset and engineer in your production process. But, wait! Before you know the importance of supplier quality management learn what is SQM.


What is Supplier Quality Management?

When we think about supplier quality management, the first thing that comes to our mind is the hundreds of meetings we attend, trading inactives.

While this might be common practice, there are proven alternative strategies and approaches that can help deliver value and reduce cost at the same time. If you don’t go through all these processes of measuring the quality of your suppliers the consequences can be not only expensive but also affect your reputation as a manufacturer.

Yes, there is corrective solutions like the yard inspections or quality campaigns for the automotive industries but only a few engineers know to detail this solution. The importance of supplier quality management is related to a process aimed in identifying and eliminating the inherent problems found in any industrial process, along with all of their causes.

SQM is allows engineers to design and manufacture products efficiently without compromising on quality, productivity, or reliability.


Some Supplier Quality Management Strategies

Supplier quality management is a concept that’s been used for decades by automotive manufacturers, electronics companies and others.

The biggest challenge anyone has when it comes to SQM is trying to develop a plan that can be easily adjusted to meet the individual needs of their organization.

Similar to the production process, you can implement quality control and quality inspections techniques that help you reassure the components you are receiving meet your standards and criteria so you can avoid the 3 biggest challenges that come with the Quality Control of Products

One of the Supplier Quality Management Strategies to implement when you need to correct your Supplier Quality Management can be to have an internal scoreboard on the levels of risk that every supplier has when it works with your company so you can prepare as an engineer to inspect all the shipment that you will receive from said supplier.

If your supplier exceeds the score of risk you have been previously assigning to him due to failures in their shipment, then you probably need to realize an audit. When to realize a supplier audit, that will depend of your experience and knowledge as an engineer.


What happens when you have consecutive problems with your suppliers?

You contact an expert in contentions! These controlled shipment contentions can go in different levels of inspections and can be just in your supplier facilities or also in your warehouse before you process the shipment.

It’s responsibility of your supplier to pay for these services!


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