Increased production of auto parts due to the Tesla effect

Increased production of auto parts thanks to Tesla effect

The auto parts industry is one of the most recognized at national level: from these businesses, the supply chains are benefited by acquiring the necessary parts for their production processes. Now with the Tesla effect, a 7% increase in the production of auto parts is expected.

Tesla’s nearshoring in Mexico has generated a wave of analysis about the effects it will have in the northeast of the country, especially in the metropolitan area of Monterrey and the southeastern region of Coahuila, resulting in positive forecasts for the automotive industry.

In this way, the arrival of more investments in Mexico is expected to supply the supply chain of Tesla’s «gigafactory» and something that these suppliers must ensure is quality control.

Let’s learn more about the effects of the Tesla plant in Mexico and how you can become its ally as a supplier.

Increased production thanks to Tesla effect

When the Tesla news broke, confirming the arrival of this plant in our country, a whole wave of speculation began about what this nearshoring outsourcing would bring. Now there are better analyzes which agree that one sector will be the main beneficiary in the increase in production. We are talking about the automotive industry.

Due to the Tesla effect, the production of auto parts will increase by 7%; likewise, an increase in nearshoring investments of 15 billion dollars is expected in the next 5 years. It is estimated that the Tesla plant in Mexico will start its operations in 9 months; however, from now on the logistics and supplier work begins.

It should be noted that 1 out of 5 auto parts that are required to manufacture a Tesla electric car are already made in Mexico, so this plant strategy already has certain suppliers to feed its supply chain.

It is necessary to maintain quality in all parts of the production processes, and more so now with the arrival of Tesla in Mexico. You can find a strategic ally by acquiring the services of a quality sorter. Meet someone here who can help you!

Nearshoring requirements: ensure quality!

Nearshoring in Mexico offers several advantages for the companies that arrive; Among them are the trained workforce and the quality control of the companies. This is not the time to fail! Before the arrival of Tesla in Mexico, it was essential to have efficient support in the quality of the processes.

Something that is expected of the Tesla plant in Mexico is that its production will be up to 1 million electric vehicles per year, making it the largest assembly company in the entire country. For this, many of the processes will be automated, generating at least 5,000 direct jobs and 35,000 indirect ones.

For all of them, it will be necessary to have an efficient quality control that meets the requirements of Tesla in Mexico.

The ally you need: A&T

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