The Best Third Party Inspection Company in Mexico

Inspection & Sorting Service Services, Rework, CS1, CS2, GP12, Inventories, Kitting, Packaging, Quality Assurance Representatives in Mexico. A&T Sorting is the third party Inspection Company chosen by the aeronautical, automotive, auto parts, loT, IT & High Tech, 3PL, Home Appliances and ATM industries in Mexico and the USA.

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Quality Control Services in Mexico

Incoming Inspection

A&T IGI Incoming Goods Inspection Services allow you to verify the general physical condition of products, parts, pieces or raw materials from your suppliers, ensuring that they meet your requirements.

New Product Launches

A&T helps your Engineering / New Project and Quality department in the Quality control of suppliers, certifying that each product manufactured by the supplier complies with the Quality agreement and the Supplier´s Quality release specifications as confirmed by the launch or release test.

Quality Inspection Service

If you are looking for a quality inspection Company or third party inspection in Mexico, A&T is the best option! We inspect the product based on quality specifications, our role is to be the last inspection filter before delivering to your costumer.

Sorting Company

Among the Third Party Inspection Companies, the Sorting of Materials services from A&T is highlight! Our goal as a quality third party Inspection is to ensure that no non-conforming product reaches your costumer.

Rework Company

If you need a material rework in Mexico, we can help you to reduce your scrap cost! Whether you need material cleaning or rework of a complete piece, A&T has proven experience in different materials like: metallic, plastic, urethane, foamed, leather, cloth, among others.

Functionality Test

A&T supports the Quality Assurance (QA) process, with the functional testing service of products in Mexico, which verify the functionality of the products, parts, pieces or components under test according the specifications.

Early Production Containment GP-12

If you require a quality control, A&T helps you generate a controlled shipment of parts, meeting the pre-production and production requirements required by the Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP).

Controlled Shipping of CS1 & CS2

The Controlled Shipment Services or CLS. Controlled Shipping Level 1 & Controlled Shipping Level 2 in Mexico or the USA, allow not only to contain but also to eliminate systematic defects. A&T is a supplier par excellence for OEMS and TIERS.

Quality Liaison Service

If you are looking for a Quality Liaison Service, A&T has qualified personnel for the Supplier Representation Service, we represent you and your products before OEMS, taking care of all the material or product, providing reports with the determined frequency.

Quality Outsourcing & Quality Third Party Inspection Services

Outsource the Quality Department of your Company with A&T! We have all the infrastructure you need: from quality inspectors, laboratory workers, calibrators, quality supervisors & coordinators, SQA, SQE, Quality Managers and much more. In addition, our Specialized Service in Quality Control includes the Administration of Supplier Quality through our platform that automatically issues graphs for the correct Quality Management.

Packaging Service in Mexico

Products Supplied by manufacturers usually have a standard packing plan. Our staff take care of the arrangement and packing of materials, products or parts against damage and contamination to ensure the quality of your shipments.

Labeling or Re-Labeling Service in Mexico

The importance of labelling lies in the traceability of your products. A&T personnel ensure that your parts, materials or products are marked and / or labeled for shipment according to the identification Label.

Kitting Company in México

A&T´s kitting service allows you to have a ready set of separate in a single package and speed up the assembly process.

Product Subassemblies in Mexico

At A&T we have staff that will support you to perform manual subassembly service, organizing the individual elements that make up a kit, we assemble it manually to increase efficiency and optimize the process.

Physical Inventory Survey

if you are looking for inventory support for your Company, A&T is the best Option! Our staff helps you maintain a better accuracy without distracting your resources. We have trained personnel for: inventory of Stock, Cyclical Counts, Inventory of Fixed Assets, Inventory of Materials and more.

Sequencing Service / JIT Just in Time Service

If you need effectively manage inventory, A&T is the right supplier! We support original equipment suppliers (OEM) such as tire and battery manufactures, or we manage the finished product from both Tier 1 and 2 supplier’s plants, supplying the necessary material at the exact moment of its use.

Subcontracting of Operational Personnel

Save costs, hire the operational personnel you need for hours, days, weeks or months. We have all the infrastructure you need: from quality inspectors, laboratory workers, calibrators, quality technicians, quality auditors, quality supervisors & coordinators, SQA, SQE, Quality Managers and much more.

Why A&T is the best Third Party Inspection Company in Mexico?

We are a Third Party Inspection Company with 10 years of experience

A&T Sorting is the Third Party Inspection company chosen by the aeronautical, automotive, auto parts, loT, IT & High Tech, 3PL, Home appliances and ATM industries in Mexico and the USA for the quality control of products and parts.

Quality Third Party with greater Capacity

A&T is the quality third party with the largest capacity in all Mexico. Its specialized service includes: Transfer of personnel, consumables, tools, protective equipment, training, responsibility, and honoring the guidelines of the plants in which we work..

Certified Sorting Company

A&T is one of the few Certified Third Party Inspection Companies. In the year 2015 we Certified in ISO 9001, A&T is also a Third Party Inspection company with D-U-NS Number, making it a benchmark for legal outsourcing in Mexico.

We are the Quality third party Company with the Best Response Time

120 minutes for eventualities. Immediate response in plant. We attend contingencies 24/7 including holidays.

Technology 4.0 in Supplier Quality Control

A&T is the only pioneer third party inspection Company in developing 4.0 Technology applied to quality control. Their Quality Control service includes vendor Quality Control software with automatic downloadable, online reports in Excel.

The Quality Control that your Company needs in the hands of Experts

Find out why A&T Sorting is the sorting company of choice for the aeronautical, automotive, auto parts, loT, IT & High Tech, 3PL, Home appliances and ATM industries in Mexico and the USA. We have served more than 1,800 Clients, turning our work into Quality Alliances. We invite you listen to the testimonials of our clients. Quality Directors, Quality Managers, Purchasing Managers, Indirect Buyers, Materials Managers, Warehouse and Production Managers rely of the specialized service of A&T Sorting Company.

HILEX & A&T Sorting Company Quality Alliances

“Their activities have far exceeded similar services that have been provided to us in the past by other Companies”

Magna SLP & A&T Sorting Company Quality Alliances

“Personalized monitoring, 24 hours a day we have the status of the sorted material”

SMR & A&T Sorting Company Quality Alliances

“Previously we had many quality problems, our efforts were not satisfactory for our customers, with A&T costumer’s satisfaction improved significantly!”

FAURECIA & A&T Sorting Company Quality Alliances

“It has been a good experience, they have provided a good service and very good quality”

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