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Inspection & Sorting Service Services, Rework, CS1, CS2, GP12, Inventories, Kitting, Packaging, Quality Assurance Representatives in Mexico. A&T Sorting is the third party Inspection Company chosen by the aeronautical, automotive, auto parts, loT, IT & High Tech, 3PL, Home Appliances and ATM industries in Mexico and the USA.
Find out why A&T Sorting is the sorting company of choice for the aeronautical, automotive, auto parts, loT, IT & High Tech, 3PL, Home appliances and ATM industries in Mexico and the USA. We have served more than 1,800 Clients, turning our work into Quality Alliances. We invite you listen to the testimonials of our clients. Quality Directors, Quality Managers, Purchasing Managers, Indirect Buyers, Materials Managers, Warehouse and Production Managers rely of the specialized service of A&T Sorting Company.
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The accompaniment of experts in PAPP processes, problem solving and more.
The connection you are looking for as a manufacturer with your suppliers is with our team of expert engineers.

Why A&T is the best Third Party Inspection Company in Mexico?


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Those who are familiar with manufacturing production know that a quality error…

We spoke exclusively with Juan Pablo Zaragoza, CEO of Grupo ZEU, whose subsidiary A&T Sorting Company…

Nice to meet my friend and client @Critian Lopez Flores from Mes Inc.

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Are your material or product suppliers causing you quality problems? Find out how A&T’s Shipping Quality Control can help you.

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Bob Mack, CEO of HILEX, a leader in window regulators and door modules. For 5 years we have worked together with HILEX and A&T Sorting Company.

Companies that trust A&T

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