The 4 types of quality inspections that a quality liaison does

The 4 types of quality inspections that a quality liaison does

In some relationships between a production supplier and an OEM a quality liaison implant is hired to represent the company in case of quality problems, this person will be in charge of making quality inspections as a solution to these problems. Know here the 4 types of quality inspections a quality liaison implant can suggest and does in name of a QLS Company.


Pre-Production Quality Inspections (PPI)

After the OEM has selected their suppliers they want eliminate any risks of bad quality tools, materials or manufacturing. That’s why before the production starts they send a Sorting company to evaluate the manufacturers quality.

Learn more about these types of quality inspections to suppliers by clicking this article.


During Production Quality Inspections (DPI)

In the middle of the production process the quality inspector makes sure that schedule is being followed in time to make sure the quality of your supplier is being implemented in the products according to your specifications.

We talk about the profile a quality inspector must have in one of our many articles, read it here.


Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

It starts when around 80% of the order has been packed to make sure the production meets the buyer quality criteria, like the product style or color, size, package details or shipping marks. This quality inspections are often use in import and export sale contracts.

Dock audit can be one of this QLS solutions before sending the product to the buyer, you can read about it in this article. 


Piece-by-piece Inspections

Some buyers require strict inspections to make sure the goods that they are receiving meet their standards of quality. Making this inspection the right way will reduce your return ratio and improve either your quality as a supplier or the quality of the products your buying for your production process.

This is why an expert sorting company has the key to manage a solution to your quality problems, read more about it in this article. 


Business is about relationship, don’t let production failures affect the relationship whit your customers!

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